Face it is an original Reseteando project focused on fundraising money for Shelter, a charity that supports people at risk of homelessness to make sure there’s a home for everyone in the UK. However, there is a bigger idea behind that purpose: The real aim of this campaign is to encourage people to take a step further and stand up to the challenges that we, as a species, have in front of us.

Vertical Rush 2017

On the 9th of March I ran up a skyscraper (Tower 42) in the city of London in a fundraising event called Vertical Rush, powered by Shelter. This was not only a epic, healthy excuse to do some exercise, but also an opportunity to highlight the importance of tackling homelessness.

The target: £500

Although the essence of the project was not about money, it is a necessary resource. Every penny helps, especially when we talk about helping vulnerable people.

The standard sponsor pledge was £160, so our decision to set up a target of £500 was just another way to say loudly that we really wanted to fight against homelessness. We did our very best to achieve the goal and managed to fundraise eventually £654.60 thanks to 63 supporters (+ £62 Gift Aid):