#Julia o el matriarcado en Galicia

6 Ene , 2019  

Participa en la campaña de crowdfunding lanzada por Jacobo GF para la producción de un documental que cuenta el estilo de vida de toda una generación en el rural gallego.


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Calais: Empowerment from chaos

18 Sep , 2016  

Text and photographies: Arturo Coego | Versión en castellano

After more that one year reading stuff about war, refugees and migration, I got fed up of biased media messages. So I made a decision: To volunteer in a refugee camp.  More…

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Finding Dismaland: A striking call to action

31 Ago , 2015  

Text and cover photograph: Arturo Coego | Versión en español

Yes, everything you probably have heard about the latest Banksy‘s project is true: Dismaland is extremely dark, gloomy and dreary. But this post-apocalyptic festival of countercultural art also contains hope, somehow.


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Detroit is Creating Opportunity for Social Entrepreneurs

29 Ene , 2015  

Text: Amanda Lewan | Versión en español

In a city that has nearly hit rock bottom, there’s only room to build back up.

With affordable rent in an urban area, it’s easy for an entrepreneur to get their start in the Motor City. In particular, many young professionals choosing to start a business are aware of the impact they have on their own neighborhood. We’re seeing quite the trend of entrepreneurs compelled to help re-invent industry with a social mission. More…

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WWOOFing en Trinity Farm (Nottingham, UK)

15 Dic , 2014  

Texto y fotografías: Arturo Nicolás

Han sido veinticinco días muy intensos. El pasado 18 de noviembre me subía a un tren con destino a Nottingham para vivir una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida. More…

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